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3 Alternatives to Pet insurance in Cleveland, OH

There Are Alternatives to Pet Insurance

In a previous post, we explained 3 Things You Should Know Before Buying Pet Insurance in Cleveland, Ohio. While we recommend pet insurance, sometimes you won’t be able to get pet insurance or pre-existing conditions limit your pet’s coverage.

Pre-Existing Conditions are Not Covered
It’s worth noting that some policies consider a problem found in one year to be a pre-existing condition the following year and not covered. If you choose to get pet insurance its best to get it when your pet is younger since the probability of pre-existing conditions is lower. We are unaware of any pet insurance company covering pre-existing conditions.

Other Financial Options to Pet insurance
When those situations arise, there are still options available for you to protect your pet, especially to cover unexpected, catastrophic medical problems. Here are three alternatives to pet insurance (the third and final option is unique to Big Creek Pet Hospital in Cleveland):

1. Establish a Pet Savings Account – if possible, save between $25-$50/month per pet in addition to your pet’s preventive care costs. Start when you first get your pet. Veterinary expenses the first year and the last third of your pet’s life are the most expensive. However, this method still does not cover your pet in the event of an unexpected, catastrophic problem.

2. Get a “Care Credit” credit card – Care Credit is accepted at Big Creek Pet Hospital and most other Cleveland, OH veterinary hospitals. We offer, 6 months same as cash with Care Credit.

3.ScratchPay – If your pet is already sick or injured and finances are tight, Big Creek Pet Hospital is one of the only veterinary hospitals in Cleveland to offer a payment program through ScratchPay (no hard credit check required). If you have a checking account (with debit card and access to your online banking info), photo id, and some kind of monthly income, most likely, we can work out a payment plan for you.

Here are links to more information about Payment Options and Pet Insurance at Big Creek Pet Hospital

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P.S. Embrace Pet Insurance is offering a free 2-month pet insurance plan in Cleveland, Ohio, call us for details about this program or veterinary needs for your pet at 440-234-5831.

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