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7 Hot Weather Tips for Happy Summer Pets

As our unpredictable Cleveland weather finally starts to creep into the high 80’s and pets start to get parched, what better time to review some crucial warm weather pointers for your furry family members?

Some of these seem obvious, but summer can be a particularly hectic time and it’s always worth reminding everyone in your household that the pets need even more attention when the sun beats down.

With that in mind, here are seven starting points to keep your cats cool and your pooches from panting too hard this summer!

1) Add an extra water bowl or two around the house. Use chilled water, so that it doesn’t heat up too quickly, and refill bowls often to provide your pet with a regular reminder to take a nice cool drink! (Bonus tip: adding ice cubes is even better!)

2) Keep your home cool if your pet stays inside, and for outdoor pets be sure that there’s a shaded place for them to cool off. Better yet, bring them indoors on extremely hot days and during hours of peak sunshine.

3) Don’t shave your dog to keep cool; it’s the layers that can help keep them safe from getting too hot! A neat trim is sufficient to prevent hair becoming a heat trap, while brushing your cat more often can help in a similar way. Give us a call if you need a grooming appointment!
4) Watch out for bones, sweets, and other “treats” from your summer party shenanigans that could choke or poison your pet. Remind guests that you prefer to keep your pet’s meal time separate from people.

5) It should be common knowledge by now, but it’s always important not to leave your dog in a hot car unattended. It’s far hotter inside than out and heat exhaustion sets in quickly, so never take the chance (and, of course, get help if you see a trapped dog in distress).

6) Don’t dig out the gel cooling packs. Although they work well for your cool box, cats can use them as a scratching post and the ingredients can be toxic to pets.

7) Adjust your dog walking schedule to earlier in the morning or later at night when it’s cooler. If your dog enjoys a midday stroll, keep it short and sweet and add some extra time to those other walks.

If you have any hot weather pet questions, ask away in the comments or give us a call. We’ll be happy to answer and keep your furry family safe this summer!

7 Hot Weather Tips for Happy Summer Pets

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