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8 Holiday Tips for Dogs and Cats in Cleveland

The holidays are a joyous but often stressful time, especially for your four-legged family members. Not only does the festive season bring a rush of people and presents, it also adds several potential new dangers for pets.

It might not be the first item on your festive to-do list, but keeping dogs and cats safe is especially important at this time of year.

Today we’ll talk about some simple steps you can take to make sure that this season is just as safe as all the others for your furry family member.

Holiday Pet Tips 2015

8 Holiday Tips to Keep Dogs and Cats Safe

Here are 8 holiday tips to protect your dogs and cats during the holidays. especially if you live in the Cleveland area and want to avoid unwanted vet bills.

  1. Toxic Treats: Chocolate, coffee and tea can be toxic to pets, so keep your holiday treats out of your furry friends reach.
  2. High Lights (and No Low Tinsel): Decorating your Christmas tree is great fun, but try not to  put tinsel or lights on the lower branches. Although tinsel is pretty, eating it can lead to serious gastrointestinal problems for your furry family member. Chewing on light strings is also dangerous and can lead to the kind of seasonal shock that no-one wants.
  3. Deck the Halls (Up High!): Ornaments should also be kept out of reach. Shards of broken ornaments can injure paws and mouths.
  4. Pets and Holiday Plants: Holly, mistletoe and poinsettia plants are toxic to dogs, so keep them up high.
  5. Leave the Leftovers: Fatty, spicy and no-no human foods, as well as bones, should not be fed to your furry friends.
  6. Careful with Cocktails: If your celebration includes adult holiday beverages, be sure to place your unattended alcoholic drinks where pets cannot get to them. If ingested, your pet could become weak and ill, resulting in a visit to the ER.
  7. Careful with Candles: Don’t leave lighted candles unattended. Pets may burn themselves or cause a fire if they knock candles over. Be sure to use appropriate candle holders, placed on a stable surface. And if you leave the room, put the candle out!
  8. Watch the Weather Forecast: When the weather outside gets frightful, and it will in Cleveland, keep your furry loved ones indoors, and when salting, be sure to use a pet-friendly product!

These eight important areas give you a place to start to protect your pet in Cleveland as the festivities get into full swing.

There are plenty of unexpected hazards that we can’t cover here, of course, so be sure to keep an eye on your pet as well as all those presents this Christmas. After all, the greatest gift any pet parent can give their furkid is a safe and secure home for the all seasons.

Happy Holidays!

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