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When To Visit The Vet

When Your Dog Should Visit the Veterinarian

There are varieties of reasons, you should bring your Fagin in medical hat and maskdog to see us or at least call us (440-234-5831)
. Use the following general rules:

  1. If you would seek medical attention for the same medical problem
  2. If your pet is a puppy or a senior pet seek medical help sooner rather than waiting to see if they will get better
  3. If your pet is exhibiting unusual behaviors and/or problems such as the following:
Wounds Vomiting
Injury Limping
Seizure Weight Gain or Weight Loss
Difficulty/Inappropriate Urinating Blood in Urine
Difficulty/Inappropriate Defecation Diarrhea
Breathing Problems Loss of Balance
Ear Infections/Rubbing Ears Behavior Change
Eye Infections Skin Problems/Hot Spots
Swelling/Inflammation Rashes
Possible External Parasite (fleas, ticks) Possible Internal Parasites (worms)
Drinking more than usual Lethargic/Tired
Possible Allergic Reaction Not Eating/Reduced Appetite
Smelly Breath Dental Problems
Difficulty Seeing Difficulty Hearing


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