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Here are a variety of current veterinary topics for your information. 

5/14/14 Heartworms and Fleas and Ticks…OH MY!

Monkey_checking_dog_for_fleasSpring has sprung and life is demonstrating that it did not stop, it only took a rest. This

has many positives like beautiful flowers and birds filling the air with song. It also means
the return of parasites and the diseases they carry and spread – OH MY!

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1/14/14 Yuck Dynasty – The Whole Stinkin’ Truth About Dental Disease and Your Pet

When I graduated from veterinary college many years ago, we did not study teeth in dogs and cats.  I knew how many they had and when the adult teeth came in but little more.  I hated the putrid smell coming from a yucky mouth. I thought that since their noses were so sensitive to smell, it must be overwhelming to always smell the stink and surely this must decrease their enjoyment of life.

Animals understand so much of their world through the sense of smell.  Even their…



12/10/13 Winter Pet Care Tips – Dr. Deborah Fegan, DVM & Susan Reid

First snowfall of the winter season is upon us.  The temperature is dropping, but your concerns for your pet’s welfare during the winter season may be rising.  It is essential that your pet retain heat during the chilling weather.

Cold weather can be hard on pet. Sometimes owners

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8/13/13 Cleveland Summer Pet Tips – Ed Fegan

Oh Cleveland weather, don’t you just love it. Wait a day and it will change. The most common problems our doctors have been seeing this summer include:

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6/19/13 Natura Pet Food Recall – An Open Letter to our Clients – Dr. Deborah Fegan, DVM 

Natura, the company that makes Evo, Innova and California Natural dog and cat foods has issued another voluntary recall.  According to the US Food and Drug Administration, up to this point, there have been no people or animals reported sick from this recall or previous Natura Pet Food recalls.  This is of great comfort.  However, since this has been our primary recommendation for food in both normal pets and special conditions pets it has affected so many of you.

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4/2/13 Don’t Gamble with Your Pet’s Health – Dr. Deborah Fegan, DVM 

It just snowed (again) last night and I am going to have to check Punxsutawney Phil for senility. Maybe we need to find our own predictor, “Charlie Cleveland”, who can do a better job. But spring is here and with it the return of all those critters that rob your pet of health and comfort.

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Natura Pet Food Recall Update – 4/1/13 

Over last weekend (3/29/13) , Natura expanded the pet food recall. While this is a limited recall with no known pets being effected, it is going to effect our pet food supplies over the next few weeks for some products. Dr. Fegan has been researching alternative foods. Please call us, 440-234-5831, to find out if your pet’s food was effected and, if so, our recommendations about what to feed your pet. 

Ed Fegan – Practice Manager 

Natura Pet Food Recall – 3/19/13 

Natura Pet Foods has issued a voluntary recall on specific lots of its Innova, Evo, California Natural and Healthwise dry pet foods, following a potential Salmonella contamination. Although no illnesses have been reported, the recall is in effect and touches some brands that we stock. For full details, please read on via the link below.

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“Kitten Socialization or how to become part of the Clowder” – 2/6/2013 

Recently, Dr. Fegan (my wife) and I went to a cat show at the Lakefront Arena in Parma. While I’ve been to dog shows before and seen them on TV, I never been to a “cat only” show before — it was fascinating.  I was really surprised by how well the various cats allowed the judges to handle them. Dr. Fegan explained that any cat could be handled like that given the proper training as a kitten. Hence, we got the idea for these posts about “Kitten Socialization”, so that everybody could enjoy their feline members better.

Ed Fegan – Practice Manager 

P.S. If you would like to learn more about the Cleveland Persian Society and Stones River Cat Fanciers next show which is going to have a Household Pet Division please go to

P.P.S. According to Wikepedia a group of cats are called a clowder or glaring.

“Grooming Your Kitten” – Advice from Dr. Deborah Fegan, DVM – 2/4/2013

Kittens are social animals.resized_320x213_Kitten_Bath_and_Grooming

They play with and imitate those around them. They learn where their food comes from and how to keep themselves safe at a very early age.

For instance, if the mother cat does not teach her kittens how to hunt, they will starve. If mama does not trust people she will teach her kittens early to fear us. Therefore, it is important to provide safe stressors to your kitten as early as possible.

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