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Cleveland Cat Show – October 2013

October 2013

Dr. Deborah Fegan spoke at the Cleveland Cat Show, a CFA sponsored event, October 12th and 13th 2013.


Outside the Box (Saturday, October 12th at 2 pm)

Frustrated when your cat urinates outside the litter box? Maybe, she’s trying to tell you something. Dr. Fegan will discuss some common medical problems related to cats urinating outside the litter box and what can be done to help solve the problem.

Click here to see Dr Fegan’s Outside the Box notes

The Carnivorous Cat (Sunday, October 13th at 1 pm)

Cats in the wild are carnivores. Dr. Fegan will discuss what this means for your house kitty, what ingredients should be in the food he eats, and how much he should be fed.

Click here to see Dr. Fegan’s Carnivorous Cat notes

January 2014 CFA Cat Show

Big Creek Pet Hospital has been invited to speak at the January 2014 Cleveland CFA show. Check back here in the next couple of months to get the dates and the talk subjects.

1979 Purdue graduate, Dr. Deborah Fegan practices veterinary medicine at Big Creek Pet Hospital. Serving Southwest Greater Cleveland with offices in Middleburg Heights and Olmsted Township. The Big Creek Pet Hospital Team heals cats, dogs, and furry, four legged pocket pets. In April this year, Dr. Fegan spoke at the Cleveland Cat Health Fair about the “Vomiting Cat”.

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