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5 Signs Your Cat May Need Dental Care

Does Your Cat’s Teeth Need Cleaning?

If your cat’s breath is so bad that you can smell it across the room, the answer is of course YES!

But some signs of dental disease are less obvious to cat owners, especially as the cat’s natural instinct is to hide signs of weakness or illness from potential predators.


4 Further Signs Your Cat May Need Dental Care

To keep your favorite feline’s teeth in tip-top condition, watch for the following further warning signs of dental disease:

  1. Your cat has difficulty eating or stops eating entirely.
  2. You observe sudden weight loss.
  3. You see your cat drooling, or her jaw chattering.
  4. Increased irritability or aggressiveness that you cannot otherwise explain.

All are indicators that you should run past your veterinarian for further analysis. The long-term effects of dental disease in pets can be much more expensive and complex to deal with than early detection and prevention.

Consequences of Dental Disease 

Oral disease can have serious consequences including sever pain, inflammation, bone damage and tooth loss.  Many owners do not realize that by the age of 3 years old almost 7 out 10 cats have some form of dental disease and if left undetected, can lead to other health issues.

Not only does dental disease affect your cat’s mouth but the constant bacteria of a periodontal infection can spread into major organs and severally compromise your cat’s health.

Many dental conditions can be seen on a routine oral screen while others need for the pet to be anesthetized and radiographs taken for problems to be detected. Oral lesions can be very painful and may lead to extractions.  Tooth fractures can expose the pulp cavity which is extremely painful and

The Importance of Feline Dental Care

It is important to have your cat’s teeth regularly checked by our dental team, which is why we offer a free dental screen of your cat’s teeth to determine if she needs a professional dental cleaning. Many of our clients have commented on how well their cats recover from the procedure and find that their cat is happily eating that very evening.

A purrfect mouth makes a much healthier and happier feline friend!

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