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Cleveland Summer Pet Tips

Oh Cleveland weather, don’t you just love it. Wait a day and it will change. The most common problems our doctors have been seeing this summer include:

  1. Fleas – The pets we have found with fleas have been heavily infested and miserable. Please note, it takes about three months to get rid of them. Its better to prevent them both for your pet and for your family.
  2. Allergies – Because of the relatively wet summer, we are seeing allergies earlier; normally they start in late September. If your pet is scratching herself unmercifully, call us for help, 440-234-5831, it may be allergies.
  3. Ticks – Wow, we’ve been seeing a lot of ticks. Please periodically give your pet a thorough “pet patdown”. If you find any of those nasty ticks call us for advice.
  4. Leptospirosis – Unfortunately, with all of the standing water, there have been cases of Leptospirosis in the area, a bacterial disease passed by raccoons and other animals. The “Lepto” vaccines we provide pets protects against the four most prevalent types of the disease. (Leptospirosis is also one of the most common diseases passed from animals to people.)

Need help for your pet or have questions please call us, 440-234-5831


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