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Heartworms and Fleas and Ticks…OH MY!

by Dr. Deborah Fegan

Monkey_checking_dog_for_fleasSpring has sprung and life is demonstrating that it did not stop, it only took a rest. This has many positives like beautiful flowers and birds filling the air with song. It also means the return of parasites and the diseases they carry and spread – OH MY!

Flea eggs (pupae) have been overwintering in the squirrel and raccoon nests, waiting for animal activity to hatch and begin to feed, spreading Bartonella (which is prevalent in Northeast Ohio) and tapeworms. Mosquitoes have been dormant, awaiting the standing water of spring to develop into adults. They begin taking their blood meals, spreading heartworms, encephalitis and West Niles disease with some bites to unprotected victims. Ticks have been hanging out under leaves waiting for the curious noses to investigate. They attach and spread Lyme’s (which is on the increase in our area), Anaplasma and Erlichia to the blood of their victims. Many of these diseases are chronic and debilitating and some are untreatable. Some are even deadly.

It doesn’t take a tin man to know what to do. Prevention is the answer. Because you are not like the scarecrow, your heart will break if your friend suffers from these deadly but preventable diseases. So have the courage of a lion and start your pet on Revolution®, the safe and effective parasite preventative. Call today to schedule your Accuplex Plus blood test to be sure that your friend starts out free of disease and then order your Revolution®:440-234-5831


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