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Holiday Hazards 2018

Holiday Hazards:

  1. Chocolate:

As tasty as chocolate can be for us, it can be plenty dangerous for our pets. Worse yet, there are many  forms of chocolate pets can get into during the holidays that we don’t think about — chocolate coins, baking chocolate morsels, even chocolate-covered espresso beans and macadamia nuts can dispense an unhealthy dose of methylxanthines to pets.


  1. Tinsel:

Anyone who has a cat needs watch out when using this shiny object around the house. In fact, you may be better off not using tinsel on trees, wreaths, or garland this year. Tinsel is thin and sharp and can easily wrap itself around the intestines or ball up in the stomach once ingested.


  1. Holiday plants:

Winter holidays wouldn’t be the same without poinsettias, mistletoe and holly. Unfortunately, these are also some of the more toxic holiday plants to pets, causing severe gastrointestinal disorders, breathing difficulty, even heart failure in extreme cases.


  1. Ornaments and decorations:

Although not poisonous, many ornaments have sharp edges that can cause perforations and lacerations to pets that try to chew on the decorations. We wouldn’t dare ask you to strip the house of all the joy holiday ornaments can bring, but please safeguard them for the sake of your pet.


  1. Wires and cords:

Winter holidays bring with them plenty of connected devices —lights, lights, and more lights — along with the electrical cords and outlets needed to power these devices. Curious puppies and kittens are especially intrigued by the exposed wiring. Take care where you place electrical cords and outlets, and when possible, place them out of reach from your pets.


  1. Alcohol:

Now it’s highly unlikely any of your household guests would give your pet a  sip of their alcoholic drink, but they may not think twice about a piece of rum cake or leaving a cup unattended. Keep all alcohol out of your pets reach.


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