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2017: The Year of New Veterinary Technology at Big Creek

What an exciting year for Big Creek Pet Hospital and our technological advances! Those of you who attended our open house got to see a great demonstration of some new veterinary technology, including ultrasound, infrared (IR) imaging, and laser therapy treatments. For those of you unable to attend that event or who haven’t stopped by […]

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The Trouble with Ticks

Ticks are an annual challenge for pet parents. Every spring brings the risk of these pesky parasites finding a home on your furry friend, with mild winters making the problem show up even earlier. Thankfully, there are several ways to protect your pet from these pests. In fact, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) offers […]

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Happy Holidays from Big Creek Pet Hospital!

Happy Holidays! 2016 – What a Year in “Believeland” — not only for our area, but also right here at Big Creek Pet Hospital! The Cavs won the NBA championship, the Monsters won the Calder Cup, and Stipe Miocic, a Cleveland area firefighter, won the Heavyweight MMA title. Plus our Tribe came so close to […]

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12 Holiday Hazards that Pet Parents Need to Know

Christmas is a fun time for the whole family, but there’s no denying that the holiday season can present some problems for pets. Here we run down twelve of the most common holiday hazards that your furry family member might encounter. Take care of these potential dangers early on so that everyone can have a […]

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‘Tis the Season (to Fight Fleas!)

No-one wants to spend the summer months inside checking their furry family for fleas and ticks. Unfortunately, these pesky critters don’t take a summer break! The good news is that with an observant owner and the right medication, we can make sure that fleas take a permanent vacaction, far away from your furry family member! […]

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Pet Dental Month: Spot the Signs of Dental Disease!

While we treat dental disease in pets throughoutthe year, February is National Pet Dental Month and we like to make a special push to see as many smiling dogs and cats as we can! In a typical year at Big Creek Pet Hospital, we identify that more than 40% of the pets we care for […]

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Twas the Night Before Christmas

Here’s our pet-related take on a Christmas classic, courtesy of the creative minds at Big Creek Pet Hospital! Note: We will be closed on Friday 25th December, returning on 26th December for our regular Saturday opening hours. Have a safe and blessed Christmas.

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Pain Management for Senior Pets Seminar

Is your golden retriever pet slowing down because of age or something else? Why is my senior dog having so much trouble climbing the stairs? Won’t my older cat ever be able to jump up anymore? These may be signs that your senior pet is in pain. Come to the Pain Management for Senior Pets […]

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3 Alternatives to Pet insurance in Cleveland, OH

There Are Alternatives to Pet Insurance In a previous post, we explained 3 Things You Should Know Before Buying Pet Insurance in Cleveland, Ohio. While we recommend pet insurance, sometimes you won’t be able to get pet insurance or pre-existing conditions limit your pet’s coverage. Pre-Existing Conditions are Not Covered It’s worth noting that some […]

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3 Things You Should Know Before Buying Pet Insurance in Cleveland, Ohio

Every year, hundreds of pets are euthanized in the Cleveland area because their owners don’t have pet insurance or know their options. With a little prior planning, pet insurance may have allowed our veterinary team to save their furry friend. Unfortunately, searching for Cleveland-area pet insurance can be confusing. With so many sources and different […]

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