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How to Reduce Feline Stress by Grooming Your Cat

Grooming a cat is something that comes easier to pet parents when you start early in life. Kittens are social animals; they play with and imitate those around them. They also learn where their food comes from and how to keep themselves safe at a very early age. For instance, if the mother cat does […]

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Big Creek Pet Hospital – Reading With Dogs

When we think of fun with dogs, it tends to be all of the outdoor activities you associate with summer: running around in the park, playing fetch, Frisbee, and perhaps jumping in every creek that you can find. No wonder kids love their canine companions so much! For some children, though, it’s the indoor activities […]

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7 Hot Weather Tips for Happy Summer Pets

As our unpredictable Cleveland weather finally starts to creep into the high 80’s and pets start to get parched, what better time to review some crucial warm weather pointers for your furry family members? Some of these seem obvious, but summer can be a particularly hectic time and it’s always worth reminding everyone in your […]

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Getting More Than 9 Lives for your Cat (and Dog too)!

1 in 3 cats and 1 in 5 dogs will be hit by kidney disease. If diagnosed and treated early enough your four-legged pet can enjoy a full life. Unfortunately, most tests didn’t tell us your pet had a problem until the kidneys were 2/3 or more destroyed, until now. Our testing laboratory, IDEXX has […]

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Rain, rain, go away… and keep the creepy, crawly bugs away, too!

Ensure Only Sun and Fun for Your Pets this Summer Cleveland has been getting a lot of rain recently. While it’s good for my lawn (when it’s not a swamp), the recent humid weather is also ideal for fleas, mosquitoes, ticks, and other creepy, crawly bugs. My dog Fagin has already had two ticks we […]

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2014 Holiday Pet Picture Contest

Starting on Thanksgiving and running through New Years Day 2015, enter your favorite four-legged family member in our 2014 Holiday Pet Picture Contest. Your pet’s picture should have a holiday theme (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukkah, or New Years). You can also you use one of the Holiday Pet Pix frames available on our app. We had […]

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Kaitlyn’s Trip to the Galapagos Islands (Day 9)

June 15, 2013 Day 9: On our second day tip we headed out to Bartolome and Santiago Island for a day of snorkeling with Sea Turtles, White tip reef sharks, Sting Rays, and penguins. After an hour of snorkeling we made our way up to the top of Bartolome Island to get a better view […]

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Kaitlyn in the Galapagos Islands – Days 11 & 12

June 17, 2013 and June 18, 2013 Day 11 and day 12: Saying goodbye to our two amazing instructors and this strange but amazing place called the Galapagos Islands was an extremely difficult thing to do, especially knowing we had 36 hours of travel ahead of us. Returning home was hard after this once in […]

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Kaitlyn in the Galapagos Islands – Day 10

June 16, 2013 Day 10: Our last full day on the Galapagos Islands was spent on a 3 hour boat ride out to Floreana Island for our last day tour. After touring the island and learning more about how Giant Tortoises live we were back in the freezing cold water snorkeling with Sea turtles. That […]

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