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Staff Happenings in 2018

Staff Happenings in 2018

Dr. Fegan has been a veterinarian for nearly 40 years and has owned BCPH for 26 years. She loves taking care of your furry family members.

Dr. Souders has enjoyed caring for your amazing pets at BCPH for the last 7  years. He wishes a Happy New Year to you and yours!

Dr. Fahrmeier has traveled this year to the Bahamas and Costa Rica for fun, and to Las Vegas to learn more about PRP and stem cell therapy.

Dr. Zabik celebrated 8 years at BCPH. She and her family have been traveling this year, enjoying a trip to Disney and another to Canada.

Gill celebrated 30 years with BCPH, sent her oldest to high school and adopted a new puppy, Link.

Michelle has been with BCPH for 15 years. Her twins will be 9 in January. She has finally fully recovered from a broken leg.

Megan has been with BCPH for 15 years. She has 2 friendly cats named Seven and Geordi. She loves to celebrate Christmas with her family.

Brooke has worked at BCPH for 1-1/2 years and graduated from Vet Tech school this year. She also adopted a kitten, Paisley, and an Australian Shepherd, Vince.

Andi returned to BCPH after 5 long months away, and is happy to be back! In her spare time, she is working  on some home improvements.

Tori joined the team early this year and plans to become a veterinarian.

Samantha recently joined the medical staff after working in our kennel.

Allison has been with BCPH for 5 years. She will graduate in May from Tri-C as an RVT. Her 4-year old dachshund, Layla Lou, won second place at the Oktoberfest weiner dog races.

Sami has a dog, a cat and a guinea pig. She also works at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History in the wildlife department.

Taylor is BCPH’s newest team member. Her goal is to become an RVT.

Mehlaina has a new German Shepherd puppy named Nika. She returned to school to continue her dream of becoming a large-animal veterinarian.

Kim celebrated 17 years at BCPH as Client Relations Manager. She has 3 amazing kids, 2 cats, 1 dog and 2 adorable “grandchildren” (and a husband too!).

Debbie joined the staff in 2012 and currently serves as Manager of BCPH’s Olmsted clinic. She likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain!

Carolyn has been with BCPH for 2 1/2 years. She has 2 college-aged daughters. She has a dog, Emmie, and a kitty, Della.

Renee enjoyed a wonderful camping season with her family and pups and was also blessed with a beautiful niece in November.

Heidi H. has been with BCPH for 1 year as a receptionist. She has a cat,  Noodles and a dog, Duke.

Shannon became a mom this year of a wonderful German Shepherd puppy, Riley. Also, she was promoted to Receptionist after working several years in the kennel department.

Angela is new at BCPH and loves seeing all the four-legged friends that come through the doors. She has 2 dogs, 2 cats, a guinea pig and lots of fish.

Heidi W. has 5 dogs and welcomed her 3rd granddaughter to the family this year. She loves the snow and being outdoors.

Abigail loves animals and is happy to be working in the kennel at BCPH.

Steven enjoys taking care of your pets in our kennel.

Nick has been working in our kennel

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