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Signs your Senior Dog May be in Pain

It’s hard to believe your furry baby can be considered a Senior at age 7. As your dog grows older, it’s natural for them to develop age-related diseases and illnesses. Gradual changes start to occur, making them hard to notice because they are so subtle. These “changes” are symptoms of bigger developing problems.

Big Creek Pet Hospital recommends bi-annual Senior Preventive Care Exams with Cleveland Veterinarians’ Dr. Fegan, Dr. Zabik and Dr. Souders. These exams provide early detection of illnesses and help reduce years of unnecessary pain and suffering. Some behavioral changes common with Seniors may include: decreased activity, intestinal issues, appetite changes, increased sleeping, excessive whimpering, disorientation and confusion. Some physical changes common with Seniors may include: weight gain or weight loss, limping, difficultly getting in and out of the car, poor vision and dental problems.

The good news is, Big Creek Pet Hospital specializes in Senior Care and Pain Management. We customize a special treatment plan specific to your individual pet including services such as: Laser Therapy Treatments, Digital Thermal Imaging, dental cleanings, blood work, X rays, nutritional consultations and therapeutic medicines. We also have special discounted Senior Health Care Packages. Together, we can ensure your pet ages gracefully and has the best life-quality possible.

To schedule a Senior Preventive Care appointment, or to find out more information, please call Big Creek Pet Hospital @ (440) 234-5831.          We have two Cleveland, OH veterinary clinics.

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